Friday, July 27, 2012

Neon Madness!

Today will be a quick post as I am rushing through packing my bags for a two day trip in the States with my girlfriends. Ever since we all started working, we rarely have a chance to go on an away trip together because we all have very different schedules so I am super excited right now because I'll be leaving in less than 10 hours!

Today I brought to you one of the latest hit trends, neon madness look! Hope you like it!

 What I am wearing:
Top - DIY
Leggings & socks - Ardene
Shoes - H&M
Camera necklace - Unknown
Neon necklace - Forever 21
I totally forgot to put on my neon pink spike bracelet that my friend brought me :( this is what happen when I focus too much on getting my picture taken rather than getting my look complete! Guess I will have to show you guys next time :/

See you all on Monday!
I can never thank enough for all the wonderful comments and for those of you who always come back for a visit to see such an ordinary me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am two posts behind with comments and I am so sorry. I will definitely get back to all of you when I come back, I promise! In the meanwhile, I wish you all have an awesome weekend! 

Oh and before I said good bye, just want to give you guys a heads up that I will be doing a post next on my current most favourite makeup products. I've been wanting to share with you guys for a long time :) Until next time!

xoxo <3


Monday, July 23, 2012

Which Animal Escape the Zoo?

"So you see! There's no end to the thing you might know, depending how far beyond Zebra you go."
-Dr. Seuss

Lately my boyfriend and I were planning a trip to Los Angeles and one of the attractions that both of us are super excited to go is the San Diego Zoo Safari Park! I always love to go to the zoo no matter how many times I been there. I've been to a couple of the zoos from different places but not all brought back pleasant experience. There was one particular zoo in China that made my heart broke when I first saw how underweight the animals are. It is one of the biggest zoo in China and it was known for having over 100 tigers consist of many different kinds (some are extremely rare). I went there with my cousin and my brother. My brother was extremely excited when he got there while I, one the other hand, was horrified by the animals that I saw especially the tigers. Most of them are extremely underweight that I can see their bones. My cousin even took us to watch the circus show. Throughout the entire show, everyone seem to enjoy it very much and were very entertained as if no one noticed how poor condition these animals are while I was the only one watching the show with tears. My brother even laughed at me for being the only one who watched the show with a worry look. The condition that the animals were in was so terrible that until this day, I can still vividly remember their lifeless and skinny body. Anyways, back to my trip, I am still looking forward to the Safari Park as I get see the animals in close distance. 

And today, guess which animal escape the zoo?

A zebra has escaped the zoo!
 What I am wearing:
 Chiyo Top - Brandy Melville (buy here)
Bag and Leggings - Gifted
Wedges - Forever 21
Necklace, bangle & ring - H&M

     This is how much I love zebra! My friends even made me a nickname called Zebra-la as my name is short for Angela. Hope you like my new look and thank you all so much for the heart warming comments and I will definitely respond to all!

Have an awesome evening everyone!

xoxo <3


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let's Dance!

 Today I brought you a look inspired by the Indian dance. Since I have never been to India or seen the actual Indian dance, this is solely my own imitation of some of the moves (mainly the hand gestures) on television. I am sure I did a very poor job in pretending to look like an Indian dancer but I have lots of fun doing this photoshoot. 

Although I have not been to India, I would like to share with you my older sister's funny experience there. A year ago, my sister had volunteered to help the children in one of the poorest places in India. She acted as their teacher and taught them English everyday. The town that she was in was so undeveloped that there were not any washrooms. In another words,  if someone needs to go, they would have to either find somewhere hidden (if they can find one) or pee in front of the public. My sister is a very conservative person who only wear round neck clothes, she refuse to wear any clothes that show her skin below the neck. For a person as conservative as she is to pee in front of the public was an extremely horrible (to me a funny) experience. In an almost open space, it took my sister a while to find a little bush that can (barely) cover her. She made sure (at least she thought) there was no one around before she go but when she is done and look up, there was a boy standing right in front of her watching her that whole time. Right at that moment, my sister quickly zipped up her pants and ran the opposite direction! She felt embarrassed only for the first time, after a couple of washroom experiences, my sister gave up her conservative mind and just openly show her butt when she needs to go. How a place can change a person!  

Enough ranting, here's my look!

 What I am wearing:
 Dress - H&M
Shoes - Spring
Headband - Forever 21
Bangle and bracelet - Forever 21
Necklace/belt - H&M

Belt use as a necklace

Hope you like my new look! Again, I can never thank enough for all the kind comments. I am still trying my very best to respond all the comments, thank you for your patience.

Have an awesome evening everyone!

xoxo <3


Friday, July 13, 2012

Every Dress Tells a Story

Lately I've been reading a book called Dreaming of Chanel by Charlotte Smith. It is a book filled with beautiful fashion illustrations of all the vintage dresses from the Darnell Collection that she inherited from her godmother, Doris Darnell. Aside from showcasing the vintage dresses, she also tells a little story of each dress which I enjoy reading it dearly because I feel as if I have traveled back in time while reading through the book. Dreaming of Chanel is actually Charlotte Smith's second book, her first book that she starts to write about the Darnell Collection was actually Dreaming of Dior but since I borrowed this book by random pick, I guess I will start on her second book and work my way back.

Her stories reminded me of a red dress that I received prior to my convocation day. I rarely like to spend a fortune on a dress or an outfit even when it's for a very special day. With that being said, originally I planned to wear whatever dress I can find in my closet on my graduation day. The night before my convocation, my boyfriend suddenly showed up with two Club Monaco boxes on his hands. In one box, I found a black dress and in the other box I found a red dress. He told me the reason why he bought two dresses was because he was not sure which dress I will like more and he wanted me to pick the dress that I love to wear for my convocation. As you can see from my look today, I picked the red dress to wear on my graduation and that is the end of my story of my first Club Monaco red dress. 

My vintage look inspired by Marilyn Monroe
 What I am wearing:
Red Dress - Club Monaco
Clutch - Club Monaco
Chain bracelet - gifted
Hat - Zara
Earrings - Icing
Bangle - Urban Planet
Ring - Forever 21
Heels - Ross

My new peacock feather earrings :)

Once again, thank you for all the loving and sweet comments. I am still working my way to responding all the comments, so please spare me some patience. Let me know what you think of this vintage look.

Do you have a story of a piece in your closet to share?

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

xoxo <3


Monday, July 9, 2012

Makeup Tutorial #2 - Blue Robotic Look

At last, summer has finally arrived in Vancouver and I feel like I am the happiest person on earth! Everyone around me are in a gorgeous mood including the grumpy ones, I can see a tiny smile on their face!
As promised, today I brought to you my robotic look makeup tutorial (If you are wondering what look I am talking about, click here). I played around with the colour a bit this time, instead of a white robotic look, I switched it to a blue robotic look. All the steps will be exactly the same except for one extra step that will be noted below, so after checking out this tutorial, have fun experimenting different colours! 

 - start by applying primer as this will allow the foundation to blend more smoothly and evenly with your skin
- apply eye primer as it will keep your eyeshadow from creasing and makes your eyeshadow more vibrant
 - use eye concealer to conceal your brow (this is the extra step that I am talking about, you do not need to use this if the line is black)

 - I know I look very stupid here but this is exactly what I use to help me draw a straight line on my forehead. You can use whatever you are comfortable with to help you draw a straight line, I just happened to find a tailor tape at that moment. I use white eyeshadow to draw this line.

 - use a blue eyeshadow (or whatever colour you prefer) fill in the areas around your eyes

 - repeat the same step with your other eye with blue eyeshadow

 You are almost done...
- using a black eyeliner, apply an eyeline on the inside eyelid
- use a liquid eyeliner to draw a line as close to your upper lash line as possible, this will make your eyes stand out more
- after, apply an orange lipstick
 Lastly, put on a wig and this completes my blue robotic look!

The makeup that I use for this look:
1. Revlon Photoready perfecting primer (link)
2. L'oreal Lumi Magique foundation
3. Makeup Forever Flash colour palette (you can buy it here)
4. NYC liquid eyeliner
5. Maybelline Expert wear eyeliner
6. Prestige Primed & Ready eye primer
7. Wet n' Wild orange matte lipstick
8. Almay wake up eye concealer

Hope you like my makeup tutorial. If you would like to see more makeup tutorials of my other looks, simply leave me a comment or drop me a note to my email. I will be more than happy to prepare for you. Have fun!

One last thing, thank you for all the support and comment along the way. I love you all!

xoxo <3


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Kawaii Me

I was always amazed by Japan's creativity. Aside from their stunning fashion style, I also love their anime very much because I find in the world of anime, creativity has no limit. I love especially an anime called One Piece. Not only does it has an exciting story, all of its characters have its own very unique outfit and makeup look. For example, Mr. 2, one of the bad guy in the story, is a man dress up as a swan ballerina with a clown makeup look.

Isn't he so funny looking but also stylish at the same time! Japanese fashion magazines and anime are one of the places I seek for inspiration.

 Where do you look for inspiration?

 My look today is inspired by the cute and doll-like Japanese models I saw from a Japanese fashion magazine. 

 What I am wearing:
Plaid shirt - Abercrombie & Fitch (bought it on sale for $15 Score!)
Overall - Bluenote
Pink Sneakers - Converse
Denim Backpack - Urban Outfitter
Bow tie - DIY

My curly hair with fake bangs gifted from my buddy

This is the highest I can jump! I totally suck at jumping!

What do you think about this look?

Thank you for the heart-warming comments from previous post! It's such a sunny day in Vancouver, hope you all have an awesome day as I do!

New add-on: forgot to mention to you all, stay tune for the makeup tutorial of my white robot look. If you are new to my blog, the is the look (link) I am talking about.

xoxo <3