Saturday, September 8, 2012

Last Photoshoot!

Just Kidding! I will stick around in the blogosphere even if you don't want to see me haha. However this is really the last photoshoot that will be taken outdoor because my photo studio is all ready and waiting for me to use it YAY! I can't wait to share with you :) Finally no more rude criticism by random jerks, no more weird stares and no more calling me a slut or whore (Yup, I was called this once by a random know-nothing-about-fashion bastard)! A BIG thank you to my boyfriend who made all of this happen!!! 

I know I said I love Halloween before but after I found out it is a celebration of the dead and demons I decided to quit this celebration. (yes, I am such a dumbass to know this just recently and you ask how I found this out: from a tv series, Supernatural) Even though I just said I won't celebrate Halloween anymore, my look today actually look somewhat like a Halloween costume now that I look at the pictures. This look is inspired by Sally from Nightmare before Christmas and the tv series Walking Dead. Maybe this can give you some inspiration for a Halloween costume ;)

What I am wearing:
Navy Blue Chiffon Blouse - American Apparel
Galaxy print top - Brandy Melville
Tutu skirt - Spirit Halloween
Boots - Plenty
Necklace - Forever 21
Ring - Ardene 

Thank you for the kind comments and stopping by! My next photoshoot will be taken in my new photo studio/garage, heads up for that :) Have an awesome weekend everyone!

xoxo <3



  1. lol u didn't know of Halloween before?? aww Ang, you're too adorable. great job in making that double brow hun. this is so halloween. I mean if I ever host a halloween party (I'd get freaked out about it first) you would stand out because of how much effort you've put in the eye make-up. it's so fitting for the event!!
    can't wait to see your photo studio dear =)


  2. Looking cool :)! Love it!

    Nevermind! I have been called a slut or whore on the street countless times... some people just can't tolerate someone who looks different (even tiny bit) than themselves. Their prob, not ours ;P.

    xxx Lara

  3. Great look :) perfect for Halloween

  4. You really should reconsider celebrating, cause this outfit kicks ass, seriously!!!!! Yeah, taking photos outside draws the attention of assholes immediately. I take the "whore" accusation as a "you're too pretty for me, cause I'm a looser" complex, so fuck them off. ^_^

  5. cool make up :O

  6. wow, love it: Neon pink petticoat galore, something like Pretty in Pink meets Carrie

    *MlleWanderlust *

  7. OMG... it looks soooo crazy!!! *_* And I loooove it!!! Very cool, dear!!!

  8. I'm so sorry that people were rude to you but it's great you have your own studio! I'm looking forward to seeing your new space. :)

  9. wuaaaah the pictures are stunning! love the skirt and its color... & the makeup is fabulous :D can't understand that people saz these things to you... was that while taking pictures?!? anyway, I'm looking forward seeing your studio photos! But why don't you celebrate Halloween anymore?

  10. ohh my gosssshhh youre my idol!!! i soo love your fashion style!

  11. so that look!
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    check it out!

  12. I love it! We don't celebrate Halloween like you guys do but love how your make up takes center stage over the outfit (from what Hollywood tells me Halloween is more about dressing like a tramp than actually dressing up, that's what I think of Halloween anyways LOL)

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    1. FYI congrats on the new studio, though you shouldn't feel the need to hide away your creative side from stupid jerks!

  13. These photos are so damn fun. Good for you for being super creative! :p

    Ava Tallulah

  14. Thanks :)

    uh, really original & impressive dear like always! ;)
    i love your rings, aw! :)

  15. Such an awesome look! I can't wait to see your new studio! How awful that some people are such jerks. Glad you won't have to deal with rude comments like that anymore.

  16. love your makeup and dress. congrats on the studio space!

  17. Totally cool look! Congrats on getting your studio up and running! It is hard taking photos outside! People are always staring!!! Love your skirt so much!


  18. Love your makeup! Your looks are amazing! Whooaaa! Love your lenses! :)


  19. I ove the tutu skirt and the make up

  20. i always love your makeup! and nice outfit :3

  21. Amazing photo shoot, the pink tutu is fabulous.