Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Am Officially Broke!

In less than a day, my brother will be hopping on a flight for his vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ask why the exclamation, not because I won't be seeing him for 3 weeks really (although part of me do feel a little relief) but because he is bringing his camera with him which also means that I will be out of camera for 3 WHOLE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! For the past few months, I have been relying on my brother's camera to do all my photoshoots and life without a camera is totally unimaginable! The only solution I can come up with is to get my very own camera. Which one you ask? Will show you on my next post ;) With that being said, I am officially broke! 

The only place I can afford to shop in now is the dollar store! Speaking of which, I would like to share with you my wonder finds at Dollarama:

 I found this Elf Total Face Brush at Dollarama selling for only $1.50!!! There are also other brand name makeup such as Maybelline and Revlon. Dollarama is selling their two shades eyeshadow for $1.50 as well!!! If you live in Vancouver, definitely go check it out! Dollarama always have some great deal goodies!

Back to today's look, makeup is supposedly inspired by Twiggy. I am not too happy with this makeup as you can see from the pictures, I look nothing like her. Anyways, here it is:

 What I am wearing:
Dress - a boutique from Santa Monica (totally forgot its name sorry)
Blue Heels - Zara
Clutch - Club Monaco
Bracelet -  Brandy Melville
Ring - Forever 21 
Hat - Claire

Hope you like my new look! Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Oh and again, thank you so much for the lovely comments. You know I can never thank enough for that <3

xoxo <3



  1. I really like the dress, is fantastic!!!

    A cute kiss Lady!!


  2. You're very pretty! :D I also some ELF brushes :D try their studio line :)

  3. Love this dress and the styling! you look amazing :)*

  4. Lovely look!
    I'm always broke and we don't have such cheapo stores (frikking expensive North European countries :<)

    xxx Lara

  5. Wow, looks like I need to go find a Dollerama! That's a crazy good price on make-up brushes.
    Also, thank you so much for the info. on the wigs! Will have to go look around on Ebay soon! :) Amanda

  6. did you use exclamation marks???????? I didn't notice :P
    Lovin your makeup and what an excellent cutout dress on your perfect figure...I hope you'll get richer soon but sometimes cheap shopping can be loads of fun too

    *MlleWanderlust *

  7. I love the cut of this dress, so interesting and sexy yet classy! Super cool! :D And YAY for the own camera, I think it's disturbing that you need to rely on somebody else all the time :/ So excited what kind of cam you got! I love mine like the first day :) And at least you have dollar shops where you live, the ones we have are only filled with a huge bunch of trash.

  8. Ah, the dress is so cute on you! Love it!

    It really sucks losing something you're dependent on.. but hey, at least its only 3 weeks and not longer!

  9. Great dress girl! Don't worry, you don't look broke. :) Still pretty.
    I'm sure you'll get it back in ten-folds soon. :)
    Stay happy! :)


  10. You look great. Love your heels. I also had to buy a new camera since mine got broken in Barcelona.. annoying!

    thanks for your comment!!

  11. I love your looks, always! you're a star!

  12. oh my~ your dress is amazing! with the right makeup too ;) i totally know what you mean about the camera, but it's a worthy investment right? ;)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  13. Love the accessories here!
    Thanks For the comment

  14. Love that pop of pink! and your makeup's awesome!!! Followin' ya!!!

  15. I am officially in love with this Twiggy inspired do, I think it looks fantastic on you and you did well!


  16. I love this outfit!!
    Hat and heels are very pretty!

  17. You're eye makeup is so fun, i love it!

  18. That dress looks amazing on you ! Fabulous !
    Hello from a fellow canadian blogger !
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  19. OMG! You look totally fabulous! I love the dress and the hat you added is perfect! Sounds exciting to be getting a camera of your very own, it is expensive but a very important investment!


  20. omg! i love the dress and clutch. so pretty!

  21. wuaaaah so lady-like! awesome pics! it must be so much fun taking pictures in your own studio!!! You look so pretty~ I'm in love :) the makeup is so twiggy!!!

  22. fantastic pics ,outfit and make up <3<3

  23. thanks ♥

    awn, this dress is so cool, great dear :)
    bisous x

  24. I lovelovelove the dress. It looks wonderful on you.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  25. Loving that dress, gorgeous look !

  26. you look absolutely amazing!!

    Hybid Hunter

  27. I'm not sure that I can remember Twiggy's makeup but I think you did a good job. I can't get eyeliner to do what I want. :) Your shoes are really nice as well.

    The good thing about being broke is that it's only temporary!

  28. You are such a funny girl....but really pretty!


  29. Fabulous outfit, I love your dress :)

  30. LOVE the dress! and the dollar store! haha
    If you like it, follow my lifestyle and fashion blog on Bloglovin. Let me know in the comments and i will follow back :)

  31. I had follow you ! I wait you back