Monday, September 17, 2012

A Big Thank You and A Special Guest!

I would like to say a BIG thank you for those who voted for me on the Love it or Lose It contest! 

A BIG SHOUT OUT especially goes to the following lovely bloggers:

Keit from Beauty in Insanity - thank you for all the lovely comments all along! I really enjoy reading her blog and love her unique style not only in fashion but also in her writing. A super cool fashion blogger indeed!

Lara Takahashi from Rocket Raptor - A dragon lover who always has the cutest accessories. I especially love her fierce and cute style! 

Majka from Rainbow - Thank you so much for voting for me! She is also trying to win a dress at Ricket Rack, do check out her blog and see how you can help her win

Amy from Amy Fashion Blog - Thank you for always leaving me short and sweet comment! Love checking out her everyday work outfits and the little diary behind it. 

Molly from The Geeky Peacock - Thank you so much for voting for me! If you like cool style, she sure has a unique sense of style!

Maja from Overpowered - Thank you so much for voting for me! Love her styling tips!

Chai Chen from Ice GodDhez - Thank you for stopping by my blog as well! One of the sweetest girls I met from lookbook

My Scrambled Style -  Thank you so much for voting for me and the sweet comments. Love her inspirational posts and picture diaries and outfit of the day!

Jeanine from I Heart Interiors - Thank you for always leaving the sweetest comments! I really enjoy checking out every single one of her posts whether it was the pictures or her writings! If you love interior design, you have to check out her blog!

Sonia from Daring Coco - Another blog that I go for fashion inspiration! Love how her blog has anything from fashion to jewellery to food porn!

Nicol from Lavidadenicol - Always love seeing beautiful illustrations done by her. Aside from that, she also has a great fashion style.

ねこちゃん  from Nekoblog - she has the cutest blog and she makes the cutest bento (Japanese lunch box)! A definite MUST check out her blog! She blogs about her life in Japan and seeing her posts make me want to go to Japan so bad!

Natasha from Tasha's Treasure Trove - Thank you for always leaving me very lovely comments. Always love checking out the beautiful photos taken by her!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TO ALL!!!! I am very grateful to start my blog and have a chance to meet all you all over the world. You guys are the ones who help me find my passion and give me the strength to chase my dream!

Today I brought a special guest and that is my sister! Instead of doing a makeup tutorial on my own face, I really want to challenge myself and try applying makeup on someone else. So this time, my sister will be my model for the following tutorial. You get to see her from fierce look to dolly look!

Fierce Look Tutorial

1. As usual, always prep your skin by cleansing your face with oil free face wash or if you are in a rush, fragrance free baby wipe will do just the magic.

2. Instead of applying primer, this time I used MAC Fix+ spray as base because I find primer to be a little bit oily whereas MAC Fix+ will give basically the same result but more water based. Also, keep in mind that oil is your makeup's main enemy, that's why I always try to keep my skin as oil free as possible before applying any makeup on

3. Apply foundation with a foundation brush, here I used Revlon Photoready foundation

 4. Using an angled brow brush, fill in your brow. Start in the middle of your brow and work your way to the outside. I use a dark brown eyeshadow from Coastal Scent Prism Palette here.

   5. Because my sister has a relatively small double eyelid close to a single one, so using matte finish scotch tape, I have manually cut out a double eyelid tape and place it right on the line where I want her double eyelid to be form. If you find cutting the shape too troublesome, you can actually buy the double eyelid tape where it comes with the cut out shape and all you need to do is stick it on your eyelid. I think you can get them on eBay or if you are in Vancouver, you can buy it at Daiso for $2. This is a very popular trick in Asian countries. One more thing, the reason why one double eyelid sticker bigger than the other is because if you look at the previous picture, my sister's right eyelid has a more obvious double eyelid so I have to cut a small eyelid tape for the right eye so both eyes will look even. 

The result:

 As you can see, her eyes are much more even and bigger now

6. With an eyeshadow brush, apply pantone 13-5313 eyeshadow from the Sephora Pantone palette all over the eyelid, I have also use this colour as an eyeliner to outline her lower lash line

7. With a crease brush, apply pantone 18-5606 eyeshadow from Sephora Pantone Palette along the crease line and give it a dramatic cat eye flick at the end as shown

8. Using L'oreal gel eyeliner, apply an eyeline on the upper lash line. Starting from the inner corner of your eye and work you way to the outer edge of your eyes and don't forget to give it a little flick at the end. 

9. Since my sister has a darker skin tone than I do, I can actually use Makeup For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette as highlight on the forehead, nose bridge, chin and the tip of your upper lips. I am absolutely in love with this cream palette, not only can I use it as concealer, I also use it as highlight as well as contouring my face.

10. Using Too Faced bronzer, apply it on the side of your cheek and your forehead. This will make your face appear to slimmer and more oval if you have a rounder face.

11.  With The Body Shop Lily Lole Lip & Cheek Dome, apply it on the apples of your cheek

12. Because my sister has thin lips, using NYX lip liner, I have outline her lips first before applying Joe nude lipstick. My sister also has a relatively dry lips, so I also apply Smith's Rosebud Salve lip balm to moisturize her lips

And Voila!
Summary of makeup I use for this look: 1. Joe Nude Cream Lipstick 2. L'oreal gel eyeliner 3. Revlon PhotoReady Foundation 4. MAC Fix+ Spray 5. The Body Shop Lily Lole Lip & Cheek Dome 6. Scotch Matte Finish Tape 7. Too Faced Bronzer 8. Smith's Rosebud Salve Lip Balm 9. The brushes I used, now that looking at the picture, I think I missed a few brushes :b 10. NYX lip liner and eye liner 11. Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette
Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments! Have a fabulous evening everyone!

Interested in the dolly look makeup tutorial?

...To be continue tomorrow

xoxo <3




  1. Thank you for the shoutout :D
    Did you win!!!!????
    You sister looks like a doll with the make up, indeed!!

    xxx Lara

  2. OMG thanks for the shout out my dear! You are truly awesome! I support you all the way - be it in lookbook, Facebook, the contests, your blog, everywhere! Woot! No problem my dear! :)

    Keep up the great posts! And make up on your sis looks fab! Love the colors! :)


  3. Great post <33333


  4. Thanks, Ang! You have such a unique viewpoint on things and so much creativity, I hope you win! :)

  5. Gorgeous! You have a great model Ang!:))

  6. Good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day.........

    Ray Grimm

  7. Don't even mention it ^_^
    You are a make up Goddess, you know that? Awesome!

  8. wuaaaah you're too sweet! what did I do to deserve this shout out? =) The fierce look totally rocks and is so Ang! I totally recognize you're style in it :) and I admire your sister for smiling on each picture!!! I can definitely learn something from her.. :) Ang you made my day!!! so happy ****

  9. Lovely makeup!! You did a great job on contouring! She looked very pretty in the end :)