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Top Ten Favourite Makeups and Top Five Worst Makeup at the Moment!

As mentioned in my previous post, today rather than a new look of me, I would like to share with you my top ten favourite makeup products at the moment. Instead of a detailed  makeup review, I decided to change things a bit by telling you what work and what did not work because I am sure a lot of you have gone through the process of buying a product and it turns out to be completely opposite as what it describes will do. I want to share the following products to you all not in an attempt to sell you anything but instead to warn you from wasting your money to buy the products on my worst makeup list. If you follow my blog, I am sure you have figured out I am a total drugstore girl. It's not that I do not like high end brand name products, just that the cost has always been an issue. So, don't be surprise to see that most of the products shown you can get them directly from a drugstore.

 1. Biore Make-up removing towelettes - if you put on heavy makeup on a regular basis as I do or even on special occasion where you have to put on extra heavy makeup, I strongly recommending using make-up cloth to remove your makeup as you can clean your face with simply one cloth as oppose to 5-6 cotton pads to remove a heavy makeup. In order to maintain your skin, the cleaning process must be done thoroughly. Once you remove all the makeup from your face, despite the package said without rinse, I strongly advice you still washed your face with face wash as that is what really get rids of your oil.

2. Joe Premium Blending Sponge - doesn't this look exactly like the BeautyBlender! Since the original BeautyBlender is a little too pricey for me, so I decided to try Joe blending sponge instead (cost only $8). I have to tell you I absolutely love the shape of the sponge (I think this is also why the BeautyBlender is known for). Because of its shape, I can apply foundation to every corner of my face easily. And to clean it, all you need to do is to soak it in hot soapy water and give it a couple of squeezes. It will restore to its normal look in no time. I've use this sponge many times now and I love it!

3. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream - Love how this bb cream has everything I needed before applying my eye makeup. It is oil free, has SPF 30 and because it is a balm, I don't even have to put on any moisturizer or primer before applying this. It is definitely a one easy step to cover all your blemishes and give your skin a natural glow.

4. Lush Facial Mask - I absolutely LOVE their masks! I have tried their brazened honey and love lettuce mask now on to their oatfix. Each type of mask has a different function to it. The oatfix that I am using now mainly helps moisturize my skin, this is especially good for people with dry/sensitive skin as I do. Another reason why I love their masks so much is because they are all made of NATURAL products with no chemical in them. Unlike other masks, you only have to leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes and you are good to rinse off.

5. Maybelline Baby Lips - So in love with Baby Lips that I bought two of its colour, planning to try out more. I love how it adds a light colour to your lips while moisturizing it and mostly importantly I love its fruity smell. See below for picture.

6. The Body Shop Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer - It is very light upon applying on my skin as oppose to other primer that I've used, I always feel a layer on my face but with this Body Shop primer, I can't feel a thing. The primer is also mixed with a little bit of pearl powder that will make your face glow after applying.

7. Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint - this cheek tint absolutely mix better with bb cream than the powder blush and give a more natural look. The powder blush tends to give a cakey look. See below for picture.

8. Rimmel Glam'eyes Day 2 Night Mascara - I've tried many mascaras and I find this works best to keep my eyelashes stay curl and stay on. One thing to be aware of about this mascara is, even though the design of the mascara tube look as it there were two brushes in it, in fact there is one brush in the tube so the design is quite misleading. Other than that, I love this mascara!

9. Lush Charisma Skin Tint - Yes, Lush again! This is actually a bronzer tint and it blends naturally with my skin. 

10. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - This is a relatively new balm stain that came out and it works perfectly. I love its colour and how the colour last for the whole day. It's very hard to imagine a balm that last, but this one really works!

This is just a sample I got from Lush. I used this a couple of times now and I am planning to buy their regular size Charisma skin tint for sure.
Sorry, I know my eyes look a little bit scary this way but really want to show you what this mascara can do!
 Just Me in plain makeup with Baby Lips Pink Punch Colour

Me in Revlon Balm Stain Sweetheart Colour

Urban Decay Cheek Tint
 Now, on to my top 5 beware makeup list:

 1. Almay Makeup Remover Towelettes - don't use this if you have dry skin! I've been using this for awhile to remove my makeup and soon I realize my skin becomes so dry that it is peeling. I suspected it was this makeup remover cloth so I stop using it and voila my skin is back to normal after a week of not using this makeup cloth. I think the main thing that is causing my skin so dry is the ceteryl alcohol content that was in the cloth. So my suggestion to people with dry skin, try to use products that are alcohol free.

2. Quo Eyelash Glue - this is one of the worst eyelash glue that I've use so far not because it is non-sticking but instead it is sticking way too tight! When I try to remove the false eyelashes, I will always end up with teary eyes as glue is so strong that I have to tear my real eyelashes along with the false lashes. Horrible! Tips on applying false eyelashes: if you are experiencing difficulty applying false eyelashes as I do too before, it is not how you apply that was wrong. It is actually the type of glue that you use will affect whether the lashes will stay on or not. Try Duo Eyelash Glue if you need a recommendation.

3. Physicians Formula Eye Booster - First of all, the eyeliner was not dark enough, see below for the colour. If you are looking for a jet black eyeliner like me, please don't buy this as it looks like gray eyeliner as oppose to black. Secondly, the package said it has serum that will make your eyelashes grow longer, absolutely not true so please don't fall for it as I do.

4. L'oreal True Match Illuminating Concealer - before I try this concealer, I was using Revlon photoready eye primer that has a similar brush as L'oreal. Because there was comparison, I find this L'oreal concealer's brush to be extremely rough and my skin hurts when I apply it to my face. 

5. NYC Liquid Eyeliner - I use to love this eyeliner a lot but after it changes to this new design with a totally thicker brush, I hate it. The thicker brush makes it so hard to do a thin eyeline along my eyes.
The one at the back is what I used to love and normally use to draw eyeline with. The one at the front is the new desing tube with thicker brush that I hate.

I don't know about you, but to me, this is a huge difference!
This is darkest that the Physician Formula Eye Booster can go. If you are looking for jet black eyeliner, don't buy this!
This post is taking longer than I expected. Hope this is not too long for you guys to read :) Have a wonderful evening!

As always, thank you for the kind comments!

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  1. The mascara seems to be doing a great job and the colour of the balm stain is great on you!
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  3. great post! definitely going to stay away from those bad products.

    about the sponge, after you clean it does it remove the makeup stains? i'm really interested in the beauty blender, but this seems good too!

  4. I don't use a lot of make-up but it was an interesting post to read because some of your favourites are very popular here in Estonia (Lush, BB cream...). though most of those products/companies are not available here. anyway, I think natural look is the best look when it comes to everyday life :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Oh I really like this post! Maybe I'll make a similar one in the future :)
    It's funny how we have the Baby Lips balm here too, but without color? Was surprised when I searched for it on the net and saw the American version is colored.. o_o I love the smell though, mango is best! :D

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