Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tanned and Back!

I am back! This is by far the longest trip my boyfriend and I have ever taken and we have such a fabulous time in the past nine days but on the other hand, I also missed all of you and my blog very much especially when I have little to no internet access which was a little frustrating. Within the eight days, we been to San Diego, Coronado Island, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Hacienda Heights, Santa Monica and Desert Hills. Yup, we made good use of our time! Since I am still on my holiday mood and I am sure pictures are more tempting than my writings. I figure I will share with you some of my trip photos :)

 Starting from left corner picture:
1. You ask why a boring picture of me and the car - well, this is our first rental car! Love the car but not the rental company AVIS though cause the sales cheated and charged us for the road service assistant of $5.99/day even when we decline the offer :(

2. We spend our first day at the Coronado Island in San Diego and we absolutely fallen in love with the beach there!

By the beach, we found a gorgeous sand castle! It even have a little bridges on it

Parking in Coronado Island is so CHEAP, a quarter for an hour by the beach area, DEAL!

3, 5 We spent our second day at the Seaworld! Yes, I still have child's heart! Out of all the shows, I love the Shamu show and the dolphin show the most!

This is what happen when I am all hyped up!
 4. You ask why post the pink/red fishie: because out of the pool of the little fishes, I love her (judging by its colour) the most

On our third day, we went to the San Diego Safari Park and we got the Caravan safari package where we get to see the animals up close and feed giraffes and rhinos!

While I was laughing at other ladies why would anyone scared of feeding the giraffes, this is how I look when it's my turn to feed them...

Up close touching the cute rhinos!
We then spent two days at Disneyland. To me, Disneyland will always be a place where dreams come true, thanks to Walt Disney!

 On Day 6, we left Anaheim and head straight to Universal Studio and the first place we went to is the Hollywood Tower. See below:

Totally freaked out when the elevator suddenly dropped at a high speed

Vin Diesel is so HOT!
 We spent our second last day at Santa Monica and did some shopping and enjoy the sunshine!

Our butt prints! Look at how much bigger my boyfriend's butt is than mine, gay guys love him for this! He even got a free coffee once LOL!
 We spent our last day visiting my sister at Hsi Lai Temple. I haven't seen her for a few years and she is still a happy lady who always give me valuable advice. I miss her even more after I visit her as even I am not sure when is the next time I get to see her. We then shop at the Desert Hills Premium Outlet.

 Our trip sounds already very exciting right? My boyfriend agrees not and decided to add more excitement to our trip by parking our car overnight yester-night in LA downtown area. Guess what, our car got towed right when we are rushing for our flight! In the end we still got back on time but what a creative way to end our trip!

Aside from sharing my trip photos with all of you, I also want to share my makeup haul with you so heads up for the next post!
 Once again, thank you for all the kind comments from all of you! In the next few days, I will definitely get back to all of your comments!

Have an awesome night! 

xoxo <3



  1. Super! Very charming your smile! Happy day to you, dear!


  2. Welcome back, great so sea this post! The pictures show that you two had a lot o fun.

  3. Seems you had a great time! Looking for more pictures ;) I'm very curious...love the last photo! So original

  4. great picture, love the sand castel.


  5. welcome back! so glad to hear you had a great time and you made such great use of your time here! x


  6. Sounds and looks like such a great trip! You guys look so cute together too :) xo akiko
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  7. Loving your pics from this awesome holiday! So much fun and loving the last one of your butt prints. I could help but LOL at the coffee part! :o)

    Have a lovely day!

  8. Wowie, i love your pictures. Looks like you had an awesome time. I love the picture from you as a construction worker (sorry don't know the exact word for that, but i think you know what i mean ;-) ).


  9. Holy crap that sandcastle is like a work of art :) This looks like so much fun and hope it gets even better at the end.


  10. sounds like a truly amazing vacation. all the pictures are so cool and full of sincere emotions. the one with giraffes is just hilarious! those giraffes look enormous but so adorable :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. looks like such a fun trip! I wish I could have gone ; ) I love disneyland! Cant wait for your next post!



  12. lovely photos!!! <3


  13. lovely photos, you looked like u really had plenty of fun.


  14. i'm glad to hear you had a fabulous time here in california!!! thanks for sharing pictures with us! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  15. Great pics dear, I'm sure you had so much fun!
    Thanks For the comment :)

  16. Looks so fun in your pics! I wanna go to Disneyland too. I used to live in Japan but I sucked and didn't visit Tokyo Disneyland at once :<.
    Lol, sure, suits me fine, we can do a switch but only if you are okay with a secondary option, green eyes of mine ;D!

    xxx Lara

    ps. Followed :)

  17. Fantastic pics ,send castle is amazing :) Would you love to follow each other ?:)

  18. OMG! Lovely pictures! We`ve just came back form our trip as well :-) I love photo with Your butt prints! <3 Cute :-D

  19. Cute photos!
    Looks like you had an amazing time
    That wax figure looks freakily realistic - I actually thought you met him for a second haha :)

  20. Hope you had some great times dear
    Thanks for your lovely comment!!

  21. Looks like the trip was incredible! Amazing photos!!


  22. Sounds like you guys had an exciting trip. Beautiful pictures!! The sand castle is gorgeous :)

    Heel in Mint

  23. He looks like you passed it great! Good blog :)
    A kiss from http://welovestylee.blogspot.com.es/

  24. seriously liking this photo diary :)
    what's great is how you are not afraid to show candid pics of yourself. everything is just so real ♥
    wish you a fantastic weekend darl.


  25. Hi sweetie, How are you?? :)
    Oh you look so cute and I love all this pictures :3 ♥


  26. Oh dear, these pictures
    really made me laugh!
    It looks like you two
    had a great great time!

    It's pretty rare to
    see you in a more natural
    make up c: I likey!


  27. Welcome back! It looks like you had a great time and found lots of fun things to do.

    I live near the other end of route 66. I had a very big problem with Avis once when I rented through them so I never will again. I have had good luck with Hertz and Budget {once} though and have never been charged for anything I shouldn't have been.

    I think rhinos are seriously underrated as cute animals. The babies are adorable. :)

  28. now following you as well on gfc and bloglovin'

    much of love,


  29. Amazing photos!!! Looks like you had lotsa fun!

  30. Great post and awesome photos! Looks like you had so much fun!

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