Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garage is My New Treasure Box

As a Geography student, I was well aware how important it is to recycle and reuse what you have in order to fulfill our parts of responsibility to this mother Earth. In the fashion field, I understand that fashion trend is constantly changing which is what makes shopping so tempting especially to us, ladies! In order to keep up with the trend, I turned into a shopaholic/hoarder for many years until recently I started recycle some of the items I already have. To live life off on a limited savings have really push me to start hunting in my garage. I have always known our garage is packed full of stuff (since I have five siblings including myself) but not once have I thought of reusing the things in the garage. Shame on me! For the few days, I started looking around in my garage to see what I can recycle, surprisingly, I found many used goodies (some are even brand new) that I can upcycle and reuse. The garage has officially become my new treasure box!

So today, I am going to show you guys how to create what I call the DIY glam earrings frame, inspired by

Step 1:

 Items you will need:
1. Frame - it can be any frame that you find in your house (I just happen to find a brand new IKEA frame in my garage, score!)
2. Clothes pin
3. Glue gun
4. Hemp cord (you can get this in Michaels)
5. Acrylic paint + brush
6. decorating bead that's big enough to use as hook (I forgot to include this in the picture)

Remove all the paper except the frame and the back board

And start using your glue gun to glue everything on the frame accordingly. As for the hemp cord, you can tied a knot on each end of the clothes pin to secure it. You can attached as many cords as you can fit in the frame but I find two cords will just be fine with me.

Dah Duh! Brought to you my DIY Glam Earring Frame! Hope you like it!
   In case you are wondering, yes these are all the earrings I owned at the moment since I only got my ear pierced half a year ago while I know many of you got your ear pierced since you are little! The reason being is both my parents are very into face reading and to them, any damage to your face including getting an ear pierce can have bad influence to one's fate. And yes, I am dumb enough to listen to them all these years. A dumbass I am.

Side note: I was not able to share my outfit of the day with you as I caught a bad fever today. I will sure do tomorrow :)

xoxo <3


  1. Love the DIY idea! Your accesories are so fab, love your necklaces and earrings

    Hope you get well soon :)

  2. This is such a great idea!!


  3. great idea!

  4. wow!! great diy!!

  5. wow- what a perfect diy.
    i love it.
    great idea.
    maren anita

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  6. Ohhhhh!!!! What a bright idea!!!! Looks so cool! definitely following you!

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